Stainless Steel

For our high-quality watches and our first-class jewelry we only use nickel-free stainless steel with a high-quality 316L alloy, according to EU standards.

Due to the particularly hard material, our jewelry is insensitive, shows little wear and does not rust on contact with water. In addition, our jewelry does not tarnish even without special care. Our jewelry is also suitable for allergy sufferers due to the particularly good compatibility of the material.

For our stainless steel jewelry, a special and elaborate ion plating is used and the surface coating of our jewelry is 14K gold plated and 18K rose gold plated.


Brass is one of the earliest man-made metals in the world. The alloy of copper and zinc has been used in the jewelry trade for thousands of years.

The metal brass has the advantage of being relatively soft and is ideal for delicate pieces of jewelry, which are very elaborate and high quality with small zirconia details or filigree motifs.

Brass oxidizes and reacts to moisture. Therefore, it is important that especially these products do not come into contact with water.
Our brass jewelry is high quality gold plated and rhodium plated, which on the one hand increases the value of the jewelry and on the other hand looks like gold and silver jewelry.

925 Sterling Silver

Our silver jewelry is made exclusively from the highest quality recycled 925 sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Depending on the humidity of the air or due to body sweat, perfume and creams, silver jewelry can oxidize, that is, turn dark. Therefore, all parts of the PAUL VALENTINE silver collection are rhodium plated or gold plated with a thick 14 carat alloy to give the jewelry a tarnish protection and also a better surface hardness against abrasion and scratching.


Genuine diamonds are among the most expensive gemstones in the world. An alternative that is very similar to a diamond in terms of appearance is zirconia. These are artificially created stones.
There are almost no limits to the colors of zirconias. Due to different metal oxides, zirconias can be produced in many colors, which are in no way inferior to the color of real minerals and gemstones.


Our genuine gemstones and semi-precious stones are carefully hand selected to ensure they are beautiful for a lifetime. In addition to the highest quality and ethical extraction, our stones are distinguished by their rarity and natural beauty.


Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls come from shells that form in freshwater environments. Pearls form when a foreign object, such as a grain of sand enters the shells. Our cultured freshwater pearls take approximately 2-3 years to grow.

All our pearls are handpicked with the utmost care and love and are unique in size, shape and color.

Shell Pearls

The shell pearl is made from the inner layer of oyster shells, called nacre. This makes shell pearls very interesting, because although they are made by people, they are made of the same materials as real pearls.

This also allows the manufacturer to offer colors and shapes that are not found in cultured pearls.

Mother of pearl

For our collections we use only naturally occurring mother of pearl. The unique luster of mother-of-pearl is reflected in the colors of the rainbow and makes each piece of jewelry unique.

14K Massivgold

Our 14 karat gold jewelry is made of high quality gold.

Due to the solid gold, they are particularly durable and do not oxidize. Thanks to their fine quality, they are also hypoallergenic and therefore gentle to you and your skin.

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